Dear Soliloquy readers, today, I wish to share with you the article of one of my young friends, by the way, she gave her consent for it to be shared with you all today. Enjoy!
Sometimes in life, we have to accept the fact that things may not go as planned and that sometime, we should expect the unexpected. Nobody predicted that 2020 was going to be a year where we all would struggle to stay alive. My name is Aleeyah Hassan, a student of Topgrade Secondary School, sSurulere, in SS3 Arts and this is my lockdown experience.
It all started on the 20th of March, 2020; that was the last day students went to school and also the last day I saw my friends and teachers. Ever since then, it has been a constant increase in fear and terror; people dying everyday with some in the intensive care unit due to the CoronaVirus. This lockdown has affected many people physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Physically, in the sense that crime rate has increased everyday ; we hear of people being butchered or raped; mentally, in the sense that so many people have gone into a state of depression, emotionally, in the sense that people are dying and some may not be able to say their last goodbye to their loved ones and financially, because the cost of living is now very high, almost out of the reach of many Nigerians.
Initially, when the lockdown started in late March, I thought it would be over by the end of April. I busied myself with my studies, got involved with E-Learning classes and read my text-books. I saw it as first as an opportunity to be fully prepared with my studies. But later on, as the lockdown dragged along, I eased down on my studies and got involved in sharpening my cooking skills and it has been so much fun. I wrote my first story on wattpad titled; Unspoken Fire. I have also been tutoring myself on how to knit by watching it on you tube . Of late, my aunt has been teaching me how to sew, since she has a sewing machine. Everyday at 2pm,I participate in the Wazobia Max Class for SS3 Students, I even tried out the quiz although I didn’t win, it has not stopped me from trying and trying again. I have also been involved in Zoom Meetings. For me, It has been fun and discovery all the way.
In as much as I know, that staying at home for such a long time could be boring for most of us , teenagers and youngsters,the good aspect of it is that we could use this period to improve on yourselves by being involved in worthwhile projects that would launch us out for good thereby making us outstanding beings.
The lockdown might not be over but I want you all to not give up on your dreams. Let us all see this moment as a period to discover who we really are and bear in mind that no matter what, we would triumph.


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