Al Jazeera journalist killed in Israeli-Palestinian conflict


A veteran Palestinian-American correspondent for Al Jazeera has been killed while covering a raid by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank.

The Qatar-based network said Shireen Abu Aqla was shot “deliberately” and “in cold blood” by Israeli troops in Jenin. Her producer was also wounded.

The 51-year-old journalist, who was born in Jerusalem began working for Al Jazeera in 1997 and had reported on-camera from across the Palestinian territories.

The journalist, who was fully kitted in a protective press vest, was said to have been shot in the head by Israeli forces.

According to Al Jazeera, the circumstances surrounding Akleh’s death is yet unclear but videos of the incident show that she was shot in the head.

Israel’s prime minister said it was “likely” they were shot by Palestinian gunmen during an exchange of fire.

It comes amid a surge in violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Palestinian president said he held the Israeli government fully responsible for what he described as a “crime of execution”.

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