97-year-old Chemist emerges oldest Nobel Prize winner


97-year-old John B. Goodenough of the University of Texas has been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Goodenough is one of three researchers who won the Nobel Chemistry Prize on Wednesday for the development of lithium-ion batteries, paving the way for smartphones and a fossil fuel-free society.

The other two awardees are Stanley Whittingham of the State University of New York at Binghamton and Akira Yoshino of Meijo University.

“This lightweight, rechargeable and powerful battery is now used in everything from mobile phones to laptops and electric vehicles… (and) can also store significant amounts of energy from solar and wind power, making possible a fossil fuel-free society,” the jury said.

“Lithium batteries have revolutionized our lives since they first entered the market in 1991,” and were “of the greatest benefit to humankind,” it added.

The trio will share the nine million Swedish kronor (about $914,000) prize equally along with a gold medal and a diploma that will be conferred on December 10 — the anniversary of Nobel’s death in 1896 — in Stockholm and in Oslo, Norway.


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