60 African startups receive $4 million equity-free funding from Google


Google, on Tuesday, announced the selection of 60 eligible startups across Africa with $4 million dollars funding to enable them scale up their ongoing work; Nigeria came tops with 23 slots.

The programme, which is called Google Black Founders Fund (BFF) for startups in Africa, is the second phase of the global tech giant’s funding for African startups.

Folarin Aiyegbusi, Google’s Head of Startup Ecosystem, Sub Sahara Africa, said in a statement that the startups joining the programme would receive a total of $4m in funding.

Each of the selected startups will receive support in the form of a 6-month training programme that includes tailored workshops, community-building sessions and access to a network of mentors to assist in tackling challenges that are unique to them. The 60 startups will also get equity-free funding between $50,000 and $100,000, and up to $200,000 in Google Cloud credit.

He said that the programme reinforced Google’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and startups in the region as a vital prerequisite to driving employment and growth on the continent.

He said that grantees, made up of 50 per cent  women-led businesses, hailed from Botswana,  Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda.

According to Aiyegbusi, the startups  specialised in sectors such as fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, logistics, agtech, education, hospitality and smart cities.

He listed the top five countries with the most startups selected for the programme as Nigeria with 23 grantees, Kenya with 12 grantees, and Rwanda with six grantees.

Here is a list of the startups;

1.         Agrikool  South Africa
2. Ajua Kenya
3. Awabah Nigeria
4. BAG Innovation  Rwanda
5. Bailport Rwanda
6. Bee Cameroon
7. Bookings Africa Nigeria
8. Brastorne Botswana
9. Built Ghana
10. BuuPass Kenya
11. Cauri Money Senegal
12. Clafiya Nigeria
13. ClinicPesa Uganda
14. COVA Cameroon
15. CreditAIs South Africa
16. DohYangu Kenya
17. Easy Matatu Uganda
18. Eden Life Nigeria
19. Estate Intel  Nigeria
20. Eversend Uganda
21. Exuus Rwanda
22. Flex Finance Nigeria
23. FlexPay Kenya
24. Gamr Nigeria
25. Garri Logistics  Ethiopia
26. Haul 247 Nigeria
27. Healthlane Cameroon
28. Healthtracka Nigeria
29.. HerVest Nigeria
30. Kapsule Rwanda
31. Keep IT Cool  Kenya
32. KUDIGO Ghana
33. Kyshi Nigeria
34. Leja Kenya
35. LifeBank Nigeria
36. Mapha South Africa
37. Norebase Nigeria
38. OneHealth Nigeria
39. PesaChoice Rwanda
40. Pindo Rwanda
41. Pivo Nigeria
42. QShop Nigeria
43. Rekisa South Africa
44. Scrapays Inc Nigeria
45. Shiip Nigeria
46. Solutech Kenya
47. Spleet Nigeria
48. Stears Nigeria
49. Synnefa Kenya
50. Technovera South Africa
51. TERAWORK Nigeria
52. TIBU Health Kenya
53. Topset Education Nigeria
54. TopUp Mama Kenya
55. Wellahealth Nigeria
56. Xente Uganda
57. Zanifu Kenya
58. ZayRide Ethiopia
59. Zuberi Ghana
60. Zuri Health Kenya


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