2023: SDP rejects zoning of presidency


The Social Democratic Party (SDP) has kicked against the idea of zoning the 2023 presidency to a particular region of the country.

Chairman of the Delta State Chapter of the party, Oke Idawene, in an interview with journalists on Tuesday, described zoning as undemocratic, adding that it should be discouraged.

Idawene revealed that the SDP will not be zoning its presidential seat as the party is more concerned about the competence of candidates.

He noted further that every Nigerian is qualified to run for the presidency irrespective of regions, ethnicity and religion.

“Let us elect a leader who is a true Nigerian both in body, soul and spirit, so that at the end of the day, we can say Nigeria is going forward not backwards.

“Enough of us being a laughing stock, enough of retrogression, it’s time to move forward, SDP is anti-zoning, we believe in competence.

“For the Southern leaders, I’m from the South, if you want the presidency in 2023, I call on you to lobby, power is not given for free, it is taken, and it is a collective responsibility,” Idawene said.

He also commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and its Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu for experimenting with electronic voting at the recently held Delta Isoko South Constituency 1 election.


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