Nigerian Army kills Boko Haram terrorists in Yobe


The Nigerian Army says it has killed some fleeing Boko Haram terrorists in the country’s northeastern state of Yobe.

A statement from the Army  Assistant Director of public relations, Major Nureni Alimi said the terrorist were gunned down by troops while attempting to escape an army formation in Goniri, Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State,

Sadly, two soldiers were injured in the clash but are currently receiving treatment in the Brigade Field Ambulance.

“ The troops destroyed their Vehicle-borne Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), neutralized quite a number and wounded several other escaping Boko Haram terrorists. “ the statement added

“Similarly, they recovered an Anti-aircraft gun with long belt of ammunitions, an AK-47 Rifle and other items. Immediately the terrorists encountered the troops around 6:20pm, they adopted rapid firing, while the troops responded with maximum volume of fire. The troops’ tank tactically flanked and crushed the IED laden “
The statement also blamed the attack on some alleged Boko Haram informants who gave up the location of the Nigerian Army troops.

“Preliminary investigation reveals that some unscrupulous Boko Haram terrorists informants might have hinted the terrorist group that the troops had moved along with their equipment out of the blocking position the previous day, hoping that penetration through the area would have been easy.” Major Alimi said

“Disappointedly, they met gallant troops who proved too impenetrable, frustrated their effort and cleared their doubt.”

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