Happy Birthday, My Love


William Barclay once said “there are two great days in a person’s life: the day we are born and the day we discover why.” Of a truth, these two days are highly symbolic, each of us is born into this world for a reason; to fulfill a purpose in life, to add value to one’s life, to fill a void, to flourish, to give to others the gift of unconditional love, support, care, warmth and acceptance.

Of times, couples fail to realize why they are equally yoked to their partners. Likewise most individuals fail to discover the essence of their creation. Birthdays should be a time for sober reflection; a time the celebrant asks him or herself thought provoking questions. “Am I here on earth to enrich the lives of others or to tear it down?” “Was I born to ferment trouble in the home or lives of others, pulling down all that they have built for years, sowing seeds of discord between a man and his wife? Or was I born to cement relationships, mentoring those young people who appear not to have a direction, boosting the self-esteem of people all around me?

We all should regularly have a rethink of ourselves and ask what values we have sown in the lives of others. Are they positive or negative? Or are we still waiting for 2018 to commence action?

Each time you celebrate, mark or acknowledge your birthday, are you pleased with yourself for all that you have achieved in the lives of others? Many a time, we are only concerned with our own personal achievements: we want to build a house, get married, buy a car, become a CEO and have children all before forty. All these are laudable but are there people paying the price for your ambitions.

Sweetheart, as you celebrate your birthday today, think of all the sacrifices your spouse and children have put into making you happy, think of how you can add value in the life of someone, see it as a way to honour God for his mercies in your life. If we all stop to reflect on this, we would certainly try to be of service to other people and all manners of vices will be curbed. I wish to use this medium to celebrate my darling husband who clocked forty on the 20th of February, 2017. I praise God for the day you were born because you are a blessing to me; your wife (you never cease to amaze me. You always go out of your way to be of great service), your children, your parents, your in-laws and your community in general. We all wish you joy, divine mercy and protection. You will see many more years in Jesus name; Amen.

To all those born in the month of February, happy birthday, go out there and make a difference in the lives of others. Cheers.


Jane Ikegulu

An Educator writes from Lagos


08034786925 (SMS ONLY)

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