Far Away Love by Jane Ikegulu


Life can become complex sometimes and this complexity of life often time warrants that we go an extra mile; far away from home in search of the Golden Fleece to sustain the well being of our loved ones.

A lot of times, our reputation is at stake, as it appears that the onion of the survival of our families depend on the separation from home.

In time immemorial, couples have found themselves one way or the other separated from their spouses as a result of work or their career; the husband resides and lives in the United Kingdom while the wife resides in Nigeria or the wife resides and works in South Africa while the husband lives here in Nigeria.

So many cases abound of married couples who were living together initially until the disastrous recession hit Nigeria, husbands lost their jobs as well as their selfhood, so, many had to move to where they feel the grass is greener.

But in all this, the question is does long distance relationship have a negative effect on marriage and the family unit?

The answer is an emphatic, yes.

Long distance relationship encourages loneliness and sexual starvation which leads to infidelity and adultery.

There are numerous stories of wives who got pregnant by their drivers, gardeners, security men or whoever was available because the ‘Oga’ of the house has been away in China for the past two years and as the saying goes in local parlance “body no be fire wood”.

Let’s be realistic, couples involved in long distance relationship often feel tempted to soar wild oats because distance can do strange things to people.

Many actually cannot resist the temptation not to have sexual partners.

So, it is a marriage built on the love for money, deceit and lies.

For those who strongly believe that with the presence of the social media and the mobile phone, the separation is tolerable, “long distance relationship through mobile communication generally becomes poor because of the weak signals and ends up, due to jammed network” and by the way, when you are in need of good love, you don’t want words but the real action. “You’re telling me the things I want to hear about but you’re not showing me the things I want to see.”

It takes the grace of God to remain chaste in this type of relationship after all, we all know that there are individuals who cheat on their spouses when they are together in the same city, state, town and house, talk less when living apart.

Well, let’s keep marking off the days on the calendar wishing and hoping that it won’t be long before we are in the warm embrace of our dearly beloved and that the creator shields them from strange individuals.

Best wishes.


Jane Ikegulu


O8034786925 (SMS only)

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