EU urges Nigeria to promote Human Rights Protection




The European Union (EU) has urged the Nigerian Government ‎to ensure that democracy in the country is in compliance with global Human Rights practices.

Head of the European Union’s Delegation to Nigeria‎, Ambassador Michel Arrion made this demand during the Nigeria – EU Human Rights Dialogue‎ on Friday in Abuja.

He says sustainable peace and sustainable development are only possible if founded on Human Rights, ‎Democracy and Rule of Law.

“Nigeria is a signatory to many International Human Rights Instruments. Nigeria has passed and enacted a lot of important laws in the field of Human Rights.

“But as always, implementation and fulfilment of the obligation remains a challenge.”

He urged the Government to align its pattern with the European Union’s and to work hands-in-gloves with other African Countries.

This he insists will help foster a common understanding and institutionalize the elimination of racial discrimination, racism, xenophobia and related intolerances.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Sola Enikanolaiye in response assured that Nigeria is at all times open to discussions on the protection and promotion of Human Rights.

Ambassador Enikanolaiye, the Co-chair at the dialogue maintains that Nigeria is given to Human Rights, fundamental freedom of democracy and good governance.”Human Rights is a constitutional ‎imperative for Nigerian as embedded in our culture and has become a critical element of good governance in this country,” he revealed.

He sought the cooperation of the European Union to prevail on its member states to ensure the repatriation of illicit and stolen funds lodged in their banks.

The focal issues discussed at the meeting include:

1: Core Human Right Issues

2: Good Governance/Migration Issues

3: Strengthening of the Criminal Justice System

4: Strengthening Strategic Partnership


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